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181: Find Out If You Have The Traits Of The Ultimate Sales Professional With Dave Kurlan


181: Find Out If You Have The Traits Of The Ultimate Sales Professional With Dave Kurlan

Dave Kurlan is one of the smartest guys I’ve had on the podcast. I got a bunch out of this interview and so I’m certain there’s value for you too.

We dive into the DNA of the perfect sales professional, what can be changed/what can’t and how we should go about improving ourselves for the best bang for buck performance increase.

Dave Kurlan is one of the smartest guys I’ve had on the podcast. I got a bunch out of this interview and so I’m certain there’s value for you too.

We dive into the DNA of the perfect sales professional, what can be changed/what can’t and how we should go about improving ourselves for the best bang for buck performance increase.

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  • [1:39] Show intro
  • [2:21] Interview starts
  • [3:44] Are the same success traits from 20 years ago still relevant today?
  • [5:06] Is sales harder or just different now?
  • [9:17] Is the biggest product differentiator the salesperson themselves?
  • [15:09] How to predict sales success
  • [32:03] Can you improve your sales DNA by working harder?
  • [34:29] Biggest bang for buck upgrade
  • [37:55] Recommended book
  • [40:12] Once piece of sales advice for #SalesNation
  • [42:58] Wrap up


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Resources mentioned:

Dave’s sales blog:

Book: The Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives

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coming up on today's episode of the salesmen podcast if you need to be like

that gets in the way big-time that's a huge sales weakness because it gets in

the way of asking questions and it gets in the way of pushing back and it gets

in the way of challenging

hello assassination and will burn her to the cells and podcast and welcome to

today's episode and station we have Dave curling a very smart guy and we're

diving into the world of the DNA the makeup of the perfect sale professional

that goes from personality traits to deeper and deeper beliefs and values and

things of that nature very difficult to change in the dave suggest a couple ones

that we should work on in the show itself features episode and you want to

learn more about Dave head over to objective management com his blog is

linked on the iceberg is excellent resource for everyone listening every

salesperson or listening to this and we've all that said without further ado

let's jump in today's episode

hi dave and welcome to the salesman forecast all thanks for inviting me it's

great to be here well you are more than welcome sir

and today we're gonna talk about the DNA of the perfect salesperson if that

exists and have your question further down the line but i'm going to ask a

question to set up the show Dave there is so so horrible and clichéd to ask

that the the 10 to 15,000 people who are listening to this episode right this

second I'm going to raise the palms of the hands and probably be slapping the


when asked what is the word for at precisely perfect but it's perfect to

ask you of all people because you'll have no clear data on this but it's so

cliché that I don't dwell on it so give me a one word answer to this dave our

salespeople born or made made good man there was a I'm glad you said that

because it was going to be a very short show otherwise and just a tee off the

sherbet lemon before we jump into the traits that clearly everyone is

listening want to know whether they are included in this in a circle of perfect

salespeople there's a lot of change happening in cells right now it's

probably going to continue to be disrupted over the next no decade i

don't know it could be further than that but other same traits that help

salespeople succeed 20 years ago the same traits that help salespeople

succeed right this second

that's a great question and I think there's a

yes and no answer to that so a salesperson who is good at building

relationships 20 years ago 20 years ago that might have been the only thing they

needed to be able to do was build a good strong relationship and build trust and

credibility and show they care that would have been enough today it's not

enough but you can't sell without it so there's overlap on the relationship

building the sales DNA side probably wasn't as crucial 20 years ago but today

I'm given how much more difficult selling has become given how much more

difficult it is to reach decision-makers given how important it is to take a

consultative approach so that they can better cell value and differentiate in

the field where people make their decisions on sales DNA is crucial for

that and grit is just as important because without the grip it's the will

to sell the heart without that they can't improve in the area cell's DNA so

I've always sold Dave in the Internet age I've you grew up in the Internet age

as well how sales really got harder or is it just different now it's harder

it's harder on a few reasons for that much more competition the competition

come from anywhere including you might have had local competition before now it

could be global because of all that competition much more pressure on

pricing with buyers much more concerned about low price necessitating

salespeople to become really good at selling value which they suck at you

know if we can talk about value for a second because up back in the in the end

of the 20th century we invented not my company we but we business invented the

unique value proposition and that was the differentiator that was the thing

that would differentiate our company from everybody else but it was really a

marketing effort it was a set of words

that we wanted people to associate with us and that was our value and then after

a while everybody had one so it was no longer a differentiator so the next

logical evolution to that was the value add that the thing that we would

uniquely do over and above what you are paying for that would differentiate us

to our customer and then early in the twenty-first century everybody had a

value-add so today the value is in us the salespeople we need to be the value

in order for us to be the value we can't sell the way we sold 20 years ago

because prospects don't need us for that they can any piece of information are

pricing they need couple clicks on google and it's right on the screen so

sit a sales person who's just gonna be redundant to what's on google is useless

so in order to be the value that means we have to be able to ask great

questions and have a great difficult challenging conversation that they

haven't had with anybody else to differentiate us and as a result of that

conversation they need to learn something they didn't know and they need

to change their thinking in some way and they need to come to the conclusion that

we get it and we get their business better than anybody else we're there to

help them so from that aspect selling is much more difficult than ever but for

you and everybody who grew up in the Internet age selling has become about

achieving the number one milestone of doing a demo and that's that's very

transactional and it's very easy and it's very misleading because everybody

sees a demo and goes oh cool

that would be nice to have but that's all it is is we showed something that's

very nice to have and we haven't created any kind of urgency we haven't created

any separation so back to the original question of the easy way to sell just

doing demos leads to a very difficult challenging way to get results because

we end up here

to chase those prospects forever because they have no urgency to make a decision

and take any action the difficult way to sell consultative approach we're asking

great questions and we're selling value by being the value that's the hard way

to do it but it leads to much easier results so sales DNA is at the heart of

that because it requires a tremendous amount of positive sales DNA to support

the strategies and the tactics and the skills that are required to sell that

way and wasn't that the longest freakin answer to your question him and I i I'm

a I'm a real sucker for interruptin and I was you're on a roll then so I didn't

jump in one thing i do is before we jump onto the next . down it because I'm on

Team you're full of funneling goes down a path here

do you agree with the statement that in 2016 the biggest differentiation between

products in Christ complex b2b sales specifically is the salesperson

generally speaking if if we're comparing apples to apples yes if we're comparing

a you're in the UK for comparing a Jaguar to a let's say our a kia the

product will stand on its own and how long do you think that is going to last

for though it on them

i'm tina suffer because in the world of you know extreme globalization of course

I you can buy print any product in any place

everyone's copying Evelyn's features and benefits region bed rest on you know

props never were the best way to sell but they're becoming even less and less

relevant now because manufacturing so cheap labor cheaper or that how is this

a curve is progressing were the value of the salesperson can add is becoming more

and more important and i'm i'm getting to a point where stroking the audience's

egos a little bit here as well my my philosophy on this is that there will

always be only one company that's got the lowest price we can't all have the

lowest price and there will only be one company there is the

quality leader we are we can't all be the quality leader and they'll only be

one company to industry that's the brand leader the most recognizable company and

it may be the low price leader and it may be the quality leader and it may be

neither so at best in any category in any vertical there will be a a low price

high quality and most known everyone else is an underdog everyone else has to

work harder to beat those three companies because you know for selling

the businesses for an example in a b2b sale on people like to make the safe

decision or they like to make the decision that keeps them under budget

it's a rarer buyer who makes the decision that's going to bring the

company the most value so the only way to change that philosophy on the buyer

side the only way to change their thinking is we need great salespeople

who can differentiate in that way and as an underdog get somebody to change their

mind about buying the lowest price or buying the highest quality or buying the

most recognizable brand because it's the safest choice if I don't have another

way of being able who that to explain that and sticking to the principle of

the value adding salesperson the person who perhaps could do this the most

naturally does that fit with the stereotype of this alpha chest out

talking aloud and not listening and being demanding and harassing been

chasing the following got prospects until you know they they close are the

the slime and the phones down we discussed is clearly leading question

but is that the stereotype is a stereotype fit with what your data

suggests is the person who's going to add the most value and close the most

deals know why does that exist then the stereotype you exist that that you just

described we'll we'll see those people in the in the stock market selling

stocks and bonds in

investments it's very very hard sell

it's very aggressive is a tremendous amount of impatience and they may

succeed by getting lucky and they may succeed with their timing and they may

succeed by their share number of calls they're making but they're not

succeeding because they're good

ok there in right place right time

huge numbers of of calls and they get lucky the the salesperson were talking

about is probably probably more likely to be introverted and they're more

likely to be assertive but not aggressive and they're more likely to be

a great listener not a great talker and before we get further into these traits

because and this is what the crooks the show's gonna be and I'm really

interested to get the data on this a sales people and the people listening

I'm proud of myself as well are they a good George of the traits they carry in

that if you see if you can list a bunch of things are ninety percent of the

people listening going

yeah i've got all the traits of a pretty good salesperson when in reality that

props inaccurate um you know for 25 years most of the the major components

of sales DNA we we've referred to them as hidden weaknesses and the reason

we've called them hidden weaknesses is because they're not even obvious to the

salesperson nevermind their sales manager it's all going on under the

surface it's affecting the way they behave it's affecting the way they are

performed but they don't know why they're not even aware of it

ok so let's look at a few of these traits then and then I want to get

deeper and Excel of the psychology of all this i want to get deeper and deeper

and as far as we can go before it gets all freed in a bit weird perhaps what

for the the b2b sales person you mentioned a few traits then I'm sure you

could roll all I don't know how many combat laughter don't know how many

there are

are really important and a key to this but the b2b sales person listening right

now what the main say five traits if that's a reasonable number that you

queue and your company again management group can divert divert where they're

going to be successful or not from ok so objective management group and let's

call us OMG because it's easier for me

OMG measures 21 sales core competencies ok are 11 of them would would be things

that you would be familiar with like the ability the hunting competency a

qualifying competency a consultative selling companies are closing competency

a presenting competency a crm a social selling are posturing that's probably

most of them on account management farming the remaining 10 are all either

sales DNA or grit the will to sell so if we focus on those and we put grit aside

the two the two primary components they're being desire and commitment

desire being how badly you want to achieve greater success in sales and

commitment being your willingness to do whatever it takes we put those aside we

just focus on sales DNA the six that show up as sales core competencies are

how much you need to be liked need for approval and if you need to be like that

gets in the way big-time that's a huge sales weakness because it gets in the

way of asking questions and it gets in the way of pushing back and it gets in

the way of challenging some of your some of your viewers are probably familiar

with the Challenger sale that gets a lot of buzz these days and the Challenger

sale is not really a process

yessir methodology it describes a certain kind of sales person who is a

challenger so in OMG terms a challenger has a sales DNA of greater than 82 on a

scale of zero to a hundred and a sales quotient an overall score of better than

140 on a scale of 0 to 1 73 only seven percent of the sales people in the world

have those scores so we're talking about an elite group of salespeople so in that

elite group of salespeople none of them have need for approval which is why

they're able to push back and challenge thinking and they're able to do the

three pillars of the Challenger sale

Taylor for residents and educate for difference and take control of the sale

by selling value a second of those six is the ability to stay in the moment so

consultative approach requires its sales people be able to ask great questions

but what great questions they ask if you aren't listening to a prospect is saying

so it's it's active listening

it's listening to what's not being said as much as it's listening for what is

being said and being able to identify the specific content from the answer to

ask the next follow-up question so when a salespersons able to stay in the

moment they can focus intently on that prospect and what they're saying but if

there are other thoughts going around in their head if you're thinking about what

just happened a minute ago or what's going to happen two minutes from now or

prospect get them caught them by surprise and they're panicking or the

call isn't going the way they wanted and they're struggling

well they're not in the moment their emotional and when their emotional they

can't listen to lose control of the sale

the third one is what we call it supportive bycicle but you forget what

it's called and you think about just how you buy things

think about how you make a major purchase on the way salespeople by has a

100-percent mirror image correlation to the behavior they'll allow their

prospect to exhibit and by behavior we're talking about excuses objections

stalls put off sob stories on the parts of buying that are responsible are

whether or not you

comparison shop vendor to vendor store to store sales person salesperson brand

to brand whether or not you price shop i need to get the lowest price how much

you think might be a lot of money and whether or not you think things over and

sales people who think things over when they buy allow their prospects to think

things over

salespeople who price shop allow their prospects to shop them on price

these are the sales people that have the lowest margin because they think they

need the lowest price in order to make a sale they're the toughest ones to change

into value sellers comparison shoppers always have too much competition to deal

with when they're selling they don't instead of eliminating the competition

and find a way to neutralize them their strategies to find out what we have to

do to win so they play right into a buyer strategy so weaker position and in

terms of how much of how much money is a lot of money on it it would cause them

to understand it when a prospect thinks that what they're selling is a lot so

bycicle gets in the way a lot fourth one is how many of my up to need to be like

controlling your emotions by sell the ability to have a financial conversation

talk about money you want one of the horrible traditional ways that

salespeople are taught to sell is to ask one of two quest

students do you have a budget for this or how much is in your budget that

they're the worst two questions everything ahead of selling because

prospects don't want to answer and sales people don't have anywhere to go once

they do answer so those questions aside given given that salespeople all all

almost always find themselves in that ditch after asking those questions no we

don't have a budget or they give some amount that isn't enough sales pip need

to dig back in and have a conversation about finances and where the money might

come from where they can go and how they could get more and why they don't have

more and it's more than is there a budget or how much is in the budget it's

are they willing to invest a certain amount of money to solve a certain

problem and get it done the right way by working with me so if they are

comfortable talking about money they can't go past those two stupid questions

that there are being taught to ask beliefs salespeople OMG measures about

75 different sales beliefs that can make up parts of those 21 sales core

competencies most beliefs will either support the sales outcome that were

after or sabotage them so some sales people don't have a chance before they

even pick up the phone or leave the office because their beliefs have

already predetermined a bad outcome and then the sixth would be their ability to

recover from rejection so there's nothing but rejection itself also you

know people have always talked about fear of rejection

it's not really about fear it's ok to fear rejection

who cares whether you embrace it or you're afraid of it but it's what

happens after it because you're going to get rejected so after you get rejected

is it like okay no big deal let's make another call or

are we shaken to the core and i'm in the tens of thousands of sales people I've

worked with a lot of them don't recover on big they can't pick up the phone and

make another call a smile on their face they they need recovery time and there's

a huge difference in the end as to whether it takes a second a minute an

hour a day a week a month for a year to recover from anything from minor to

devastating rejection and the funny thing is it's almost never the sales

person that's getting rejected you know it's the pitch it's the timing it's the

interruption it's the price it's the offering its the company but how can you

reject somebody you don't know

so this this horrible time that many salespeople have recovering from a

rejection that wasn't even named it them it it's stupid to start with but it's a

big problem for a lot of salespeople so those are the big six let me jump in a

Dave because I'm i'll link to all of these and I'll write them all down in

the show notes for this party people listening driving the cars now trying to

get all this down on the ROM so here to see if it's or die

it doesn't fit with them personally and I don't know how kind of tony robbins

esque we could go through some of these with depending how deep you want to get

them because this thing's like well if we're gonna do a tony robbins style we

need to change the hour of the show we need to do this you know between

midnight and 5am and offer some cds to go along with it

see I've side red tell your officers a country's books but none of those

adverts wherever on british TV when I was a kid I never sorry that was her I

would never send them on YouTube and they're hilarious laughing he offers a

lot of value and it covers a lot of what we talked about and one in particular

you mentioned and this will use this as an example perhaps to see how malleable

some of these traits are how age of the salesperson is affected how the age of

the salesperson add differentiates whether they're going to have these

traits of

doesn't have them because I suffered from a bunch of what you just described

when I was younger now i'm a bit more resilient to it and you know just more

rounded as a person perhaps so that changes things and adds to it you can

tell your thoughts on that in a second but one in particular jumped out was

this concept of oh crap that's a lot of money and as soon as you're thinking

that you're you know you're communicating that on a whole bunch of

levels with the person from view across the desk he even to the the the extreme

of you go in of my commission on this are crap that's a lot of money and then

you probably get overexcited and they can see the now your emotional how

precisely how your emotional so one thing triggers another thing and a lot

of this and you again you probably have more idea more data more knowledge on it

but from what I've read about this this topic in particular a lot of it is down

to your bringing I think this state is that most people in between twenty

percent plus or minus what their parents do and and then there's you know the

this probably traits and it's probably things that if someone is well read if

their business person after an excellent salesperson you probably encouraging

your kids to think along those lines even unconsciously when they're young

when they're growing up in here you know you encourage them not sir be worried

about the fear of failure in these kind of things so if all this is ingrained

inners as a young child how malleable is it really great question is the question

on that's why we refer to it as DNA as opposed to skills because the skills can

be taught but the ability to use those skills that we just learned is in direct

proportion to whether the DNA will support it so some things can be changed

very quickly like the way we buy we can make a decision to buy things in a way

that would support a good sales outcome so as bad as that weaknesses to have we

could make it go away in a day

I the need to be liked on the other hand can take months and months

in months and our ability to make to overcome that or at least manage that

requires affirmations can require reprogramming we actually put out a

product called sales mind it's is currently in CD form we're working on

getting it in another format giving it online putting it in and in a flash

drive USB thumb drive but the the sales mind CB uses self hypnosis to help

salespeople overcome 12 of the most common selling weaknesses so by


while it might take eight months to overcome need for approval that need to

be liked for a typical case of it and it might take therapy to overcome a severe

case of it using the sales mind CD and specifically focusing on that need for

approval weakness twice a day for three weeks works so I'm gonna I'm gonna chime

in on this because there's gonna be people listening now that go in such a

state but it sounds also it the blight total bullshit and was in it and and I'm

gonna tell me about this because I don't know if you haven't moved in the states

is a many celebrity over here in the UK but Paul McKenna is a hypnotist he's

worked with tony robbins a bunch of people and with my first sales job the

first medical device sales job I got

I was nervous as heck for it and I read his book looking a bookshelf in the

corner of the room now i think it's called instant confidence something on

those lines comes over CD you listen to it and you know what I know it does

something because everytime listen to it i do fall asleep and wake up 20 minutes

later and i will and in so it's what makes has it he he's in procurement

actually and his girlfriend both listen to it when they fly in planes so that

they can fall asleep in the missing a big chunk of the journey and not for any

of the other benefits of it

they're just literally to make knock themselves out because they don't like

flying and anyway I got I got real value out this it's more so than i would say

is possible just from the placebo effect

I felt that I because clearly it's confidence is a broad areas working on a

whole bunch of things that we're talking about here if the need for approval and

and things of that nature and I I'd i will highly recommend that anyone who's

listening to feel that they could you know use a confidence boost and let's

talk about your partner's well what

so this on its head slightly what you say to people listening now who go

ok that sounds fantastic get will try that but in the meantime I'm just gonna

understand nail the grid side of things I've got ultimate desire to have a boat

porsche and so i'm going to close loaded deals and I am fully committed i love

this company and died that's all that's all that matters to me is it possible to

override all these things that built into our cells DNA by just is working

harder i love to be able to say yes but I can't I you can you can compensate by

working harder if if because of the need to be like you can't take a strong

enough stance or change somebody's thinking to result in them choosing you

you can find three more opportunities by working hard and hope that one of those

three will buy from you so certainly the power of numbers and opportunities can

make up for some of these weaknesses but in the end you'll burn out nobody should

have to work that hard and it's a lot easier to just work on yourself then

then knock yourself crazy making up for the fact that because you need somebody

to like you you can't ask the next question that needs to be asked and

expanded not just a little bit of what data points all that to prove that if

possible as a fact what what

dataview collected shows that

ok we have empirical data the going back 25 years now and the data shows that

when you have for example a bycicle that doesn't support sales and you fix it

sales increase by almost fifty percent the data shows that when you need to be

liked and you overcome it

sales increase by more than thirty-five percent the data shows that when you

aren't able to stay in the moment and you learn to stay in the moment and not

get emotional that sales increased by more than twenty percent the data shows

that when you aren't comfortable talking about money and you overcome that

discomfort and you can begin to have financial conversations that sales

increase on the order of close to twenty-seven percent and which one of

these for it's a thai people over the next time you come on the show some

conscious of time and out but which one of these is the easy to change the

biggest bang for book that between this episode on the next one the audience can

really work on and they can have an impact with it easiest one to changes

the way you buy because you can just decide to okay I'm gonna buy a it's


I'm gonna buy a gas grill and I've got five hundred dollars

ok so instead of going to three stores and looking for a girl that's the lowest

price i'm going to decide what I need a grill to do for me i'm going to decide

how much I'm willing to spend for the perfect girl I'm gonna decide who i'd

like to buy it from based on my experience and reputation and then I'm

gonna go there and I'm gonna tell them what I'm looking for and if they have it

and it's in my budget i will and i like it i will just say yes and forgo the

trying to get a better price and forgo the shopping around and ergo the

thinking it over and coming back tomorrow and create a new normal and

then if thats my new normal

that's what i'll expect that closing time

from my prospects that's the easiest one to fix might not be easy in terms of up

geez I've been doing it this way all my life and now I have to change but you

literally can make a decision to do that and go out and do it today and you've

changed it need for approval is the most important one to change because it

impacts every part of the sales process from picking up the phone and having the

first conversation to scheduling that first meeting to taking that

consultative approach to qualifying and closing that need your approval piece

gets in the way throughout the process not just at qualifying and closing time

like by cycle so that one is an easy fix but it's the most important one to fix

good we'll have you back on to dive into that in more promise i'll of course

genuinely I I don't say that people if i don't mean it because enough people

listen to the show that i get pestered them together back on when and I don't

like 75 hundred email saying i was only joking i was only being polite

ok ok the audience is too big dave two for me two for me to not be fully open

and obvious to everyone that comes on with the audience as well with sales

nation so David got a couple questions asked everyone that comes on the show at

and will run for these think it tells a little bit about OMG first one is who do

you think is the world's greatest salesperson me you personally or

personally I'm why what makes you stand out above every other person is on is

listening to this right now going to help but wait a second while it's an

easy it's an easy one to make

because i get to compare me to the 1 million sales people that we've

evaluated and when I make the comparison me

nice um I've got the highest sales quotient the highest sales DNA so based

on that comparison it's me to share dua convention now that I can't really see

much of your office if you're watching this on youtube you'll see as well

baidu just pan over and them

massive leaderboard with your name of the top and a million other people in

tiny father's going down going down the trucks exactly we can pay and I got that

over there

hey Saul Saul sports memorabilia that's what I really care about it

good man okay next question Dave what is one book or resource / than your own

that you'd recommend to the salesman podcast audience all that's a tough one

arm the the book that had the single greatest impact on me as a human being

and as a salesperson was not a sales book I read it in the late nineteen

eighties it changed my life and it allowed me to become both the

salesperson and the sales expert in the sales trainer that I am and that book

was written by Dan moment and it was called the way of the peaceful warrior

it it was it became a movie a few years ago called the peaceful warrior movie

i'm looking to see if there's a copy of it here i don't i don't see what I

usually have a copy laying around

nice its new one on me what links on the show notes over a thousand don't read

the audience check out and checking out what else and guess which weakness it

helps people overcome i would say the need for approval

yes absolutely and i'll be the the emotional weakness the ability to stay

in the moment nitrate do you meditate you fun of that I don't meditate but I i

pray every night and I think that's almost the same thing because i do reach

that same state that someone who meditates reaches so I get to spend a

few minutes in that in-between world good reason ask is that I'm a huge fan

of it you know only 10 minutes a day is all it takes for me every time I

mentioned on the show I get a bunch of emails saying it's blue it's nonsense

but as you know there's a whole ton of brains being shoved in fr fr and I

machines that are proven otherwise a whole lot of dates back it up and

there's a whole lot of successful CEOs that promote as well and so I need to

have shown that as well I'll cover that for everyone this now I'm not the ideal

guest to help for that one there no no

yeah we will focus you down on the need for approval for sure and final question

Dave question ask every single person that comes on the show without fail and

that is if you could go back in time and speech your younger self will be the one

piece of advice you'd give them to make them better sales one piece of advice

that I would give to my younger self how much younger and perhaps before you read

that book my my

30-ish 30 to 35 year old self

the one piece of advice would be think bigger and i'm going to ask you because

of people said this I'm gonna ask you a follow-up question do you think if I

don't know how old you are now but in over ten Jesse so you be good looking

good for 64 thing I very much if you when you're 70 if you just because

you're 60 year old self

do you think you tell him the same thing i would i would have told my 16 year old

self not to work so hard because why did it matter

nice interested that I like this because a lot of most of our audience and

Millennials 25 to 35 on 29 myself do it ask that question is to stock a bit

value for me personally and get you know leverage your experience a little bit as

well so I appreciate that appreciate candid answer and Dave with that tells a

little bit more about OMG

and what we can find out more about you personally as well

ok OMG is the world's leading provider of salesforce evaluations and sales

candidate assessments we've evaluated and assessed more than a million sales

people in eleven thousand companies we go wider and deeper than anybody could

imagine and our sales candidate assessments are the most accurate

predictive sales specific assessments in the world I on you can just google me

Dave curling and i'm sure you'll find anything you need to know about me but

I'm going to war

winning blogger my award-winning blog you should check it out because it's

good it's good i like it it's OMG pub . com

o.m.g hu is 1500 articles that I've written there and i'm sure you'll

find 1400 of them that you like nice ties a bold statement to make the dave

and winked on the show notes as with everything else that we talked about so

far and Dave with that I i said before we're genuinely we'll have you back on

to dive into this the need for approval how we can prep changes even where it

comes from and is an interesting topic in itself and we will have you back on

the niche to that made in the meantime we want to thank you for your time the

energy your insights and thanks for joining us on the salesman pocket and

your great interviewer so you make it a lot of fun and there we have it Dave

thank you for coming on the show we appreciate your time and your insights

i'm pretty confident you're gonna become a regular guest because there's so much

more to grab all this one thank you as always sales nation for tuning in

showing your attention with me and with that all said I speak to you again





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