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The Salesman Podcast

The Salesman Podcast is the most downloaded B2B sales show on the planet. It’s iTunes award winning and has featured Olympic athletes, astronauts and every single one of the worlds top sales experts.

The goal of The Salesman Podcast is to not just help sales professionals close more deals but to tackle the unspoken issues within the sales industry such as high levels of stress, the negative stereotype of the salesperson and long term success.

The Salesman Podcast helps it’s listeners THRIVE in all areas of sales.

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Show Host- Will Barron

Will Barron is differentiated as a sales podcast host as he doesn’t consider himself an “expert” or Guru”. Will is firstly and firmly a sales professional and asks the questions his audience wants to hear because he personally wants to know the answer too.

A million plus downloads over the past 12 months and hundreds of thousands downloads more month on month hasn’t changed Will. All he cares about is helping sales professionals THRIVE in the internet age of B2B selling.

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