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On this episode of the #AskWillShow I’m answering the following questions –

  • People push me over too easily as I look young and I’m in B2B. How I can keep control in the meeting without looking like a jerk?
  • Favourite guest you’ve had on the show?
  • Which fictional character would be the most boring to meet in real life?
  • Where has the Salesforce mug gone from your desk?
  • I saw on your snapchat story that you’ve bought a red BMW. Weren’t you taking the piss out of people who drive red BMWs a little while back?
  • How can I prospect people over and over without coming across like a pest?
  • What will finally break the sales training industry?
  • Should I focus on closing the incoming leads I have and be a model employee or should I start cultivating my own network and doing my own prospecting?




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