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FAQ: Salesman Podcast Guests

Hello Salesman Podcast guest. To help things run smoothly I’ve created this FAQ guide to give you a quick overview of what you can expect when you’re on the show.


Q: Is the interview audio only or video as well?

A: We record all interviews over Skype video call. We then take the video content and break it into smaller chunks to support and promote the main audio download.


Q:  What equipment do I need?

A: Unless you’re working in a studio environment you will need to have headphones/earphones to stop feedback from my voice coming from your speaker back into your own microphone.

You will need a microphone of some type. I do record shows with guests using the mic on their Macbooks or on a set of iPhone headphones but they sound rubbish. Remember, your personal brand is on the line here. For a cheap, simple to use, plug and play microphone try the “Blue Yeti” –

Finally of course you need a webcam. The cameras built into any laptop/mac from the past few years is perfect. If you’d like to take a step up in quality check out the “Logitech C920” –


Q: Will you provide questions so I can prepare for the recording?

A: We do not send over questions before the recording slot to keep the interview conversational. Whatever questions I prepare before the interview usually go out of the window 5 minutes into the recording anyway as I dive in deeper to the topic.


Q: How do I know what we’re going to be talking about then?

A: 24 hours before the show we will confirm with you that you’re still booked in. At this time we will also send over the topic of the show.


Q: What is the best way to prepare to come on the show?

A: Check out a couple of episodes of the show on Youtube or subscribe and listen to a couple of episodes on iTunes. This will give you a great feel of the questions that gets asked and the flow of the conversation.


Q: Will you be calling me on Skype or should I call you?

A: I will connect with you around 5 minutes before the recording slot and then send you a message through Skype confirming that you’re ready to ‘rock and roll’. Once confirmed I will initiate the video call.


Q: What happens if I’m late?

A: Please inform us if you know you’re going to be late. We generally give 10 minutes leeway time but after that cut off you will need to rearrange another recording slot.


Q: When will my episode of the show air?

A: We usually air the episodes around 2-3 weeks after the initial recording slot. If you have a specific date that you’d like to show to air which would have more impact for you just let us know.



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