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Our mission

Upgraded Salesman is led by an innovative team that is willing to speak out and upset the status-quo of the world of selling. For far to long salesmen haven’t been given the respect they deserve in business as the people who drive turnover and keep the doors open.

Now is the time for the millennial salesman to shake things up and have a dramatic impact on the future of our industry. We want to provide you with the platform to achieve this ruckus.



Launched in March 2015 our mission in our first year of service to salesmen is two fold –

  1. To become the worlds most downloaded magazine and podcast for salesman before the end of 2015 with 1 million downloads a month.
  2. To drag salesmen into the internet age by helping them skill-up and dominate their markets.



When the internet went main stream the world of sales and commerce as a whole changed forever.

  • Buyers can do their own product research, they do not need you to hand hold them through the buying process.
  • As prospects can purchase from anywhere in the world, old pricing models based on local supply and demand instantly shattered.
  • The consultative sell and the hard sell have died and no longer work.

The modern, millennial salesman has to deal with these changes themselves as senior management is slower than ever to respond.

We want to give you the competitive advantage in your marketplace by giving you all the skills you need to build your own personal sales brand, to survive in the currently tough economic climate and to thrive at closing business where it’s win-win for both you and the customer.



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