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Are You A Natural Born Salesperson?

Are You A Natural Born Salesperson?

It's long been debated whether salespeople are born or made. Today you find out if you're a naturally born salesperson.
1. Have you always set goals when you want to achieve something?
I do set goals but I have to force myself to do it
I never set goals
2. Did you care what people thought of you at school?
I didn't then and I don't care now
I take the effort to help people like me
Everyone loved me, it came natrually
3. Do people regularly comment that you're a good listener?
All the time
I never shut up to ask them
4. Are you a risk taker?
I feel taking risks is important
Sales are lost when risks are took
5. Do you believe that anything is possible?
Hell yeah! I'm going to change the world
Within reason yes
That's only in Disney films
6. Are you greedy?
Yes, greed is good
Greed is the root of all evil
7. When you were a child, did you always have to win?
Yes, I was a sore loser
Nah, it's the taking part that counts
Are You A Natural Born Salesperson?
Natural born salesperson
Congratulations you were given the perfect genes from your parents to smash it in sales. You're hungry, goal oriented and willing to take risks to get the job done.
Are You A Natural Born Salesperson?
Skilled in sales, but not a natural
You might not have been gifted the genes of selling but you're putting mind over matter and smashing your targets regardless.
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Will Barron is the founder of Salesman.Red and host of the Salesman Podcast where he entertains hundreds of thousands of millennial salespeople every month. If he isn’t recording or editing shows he’s racing his RX8 or riding bicycles down mountains.

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