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Sales People: What Type Of ‘Closer’ Are You?

Sales People: What Type Of ‘Closer’ Are You?

Sales people all close deals in different ways. It depends on your industry, upbringing and training. Are you a Negative Closer, Trutle Closer or Clown Closer? Take the Quiz and find out!
1. Are you prepared to walk away from deals?
No, I close everything!
I only close prostpects that I can have fun working with
2. How would your customers describe you?
A fun person to be around
Dependable when needed
3. Is your price final or is there always a deal to be made?
No, I don't negotiate on price
There is always a deal!
4. Are you friends with customers or business partners?
Business means business
My customers love me!
5. Is integrity or commissions more important?
I'm all about the pay day
My word means everything
6. Do your customers ever ask for refunds?
Hell no
Yes, sometimes
Sales People: What Type Of 'Closer' Are You?
Negative Closer
Your are a NEGATIVE CLOSER. You maintain an "I don't care" manner and you’re the master of the "takeaway" with a take-it-or-leave-it attitude. You allow prospect to play mind games with themselves.
Sales People: What Type Of 'Closer' Are You?
Turtle Closer
Your are a TURTLE CLOSER. You have an air of honesty, integrity, and good intention. You act like an old friend of the prospect and you move in slow, deliberate motions that build trust – and close the sale.
Sales People: What Type Of 'Closer' Are You?
Clown Closer
Your are a CLOWN CLOSER. You are happy-go-lucky and quick with a joke. You get customers placid and off-guard so they never know when you’re going to close them. Your prospects never realize you’re selling them.
Sales People: What Type Of 'Closer' Are You?
“Special Deal” Closer
Your are a “SPECIAL DEAL” CLOSER. You always have a "special deal". You can put together a "package deal" in no time at all. You switch, manoeuvre and confuse until no one can really pin down where you stands on a subject.
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