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The Sales Confidence Formula With Jim Wolfe


The Sales Confidence Formula With Jim Wolfe

Jim Wolfe joins Will Barron on this episode of the Salesman Podcast to discuss confidence, how it effects you in business and how we can increase it to ultimately close more deals.




How To Become More Confident

The show is kicked off with Jim explaining that confidence goes beyond just not caring about what other people think which is a common misconception.

“The core level confidence is about your self image, what you believe about yourself and what you believe about the world around you” – Jim Wolfe

Jim then shares his thoughts on the difference between having a core, inner confidence and then gaining situational confidence through experience.

“It’s a process of building up confidence over time, for a specific situation” – Jim Wolfe

The show is wrapped up with Jim going through the simple steps we can all take to improve our levels of confidence in business and in life.



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Guest info:

Jim Wolfe helps extraordinary men live their ideal life. He helps men; live without regret, build genuine confidence, achieve fulfilling success,  have satisfying relationships.

Jim shows men how to create an amazing reality for themselves that they can then share with others. He is obsessed with reading, writing, learning, travel, and personal growth. He draws on a tremendous variety of sources to create effective educational experiences.


Show notes:

BOOK: Level Up: Your Guide to Authentic Confidence and Internal Bliss

Jim’s Youtube channel



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Will Barron is the founder of Salesman.Red and host of the Salesman Podcast where he entertains hundreds of thousands of millennial salespeople every month. If he isn’t recording or editing shows he’s racing his RX8 or riding bicycles down mountains.

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