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The 15 Traits Of High-Performing Sellers You Need To Effortlessly Hit Your Quota

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“How Much Money Are YOU Leaving On The Table Because Of Your SalesCode Mistakes?”

Hi, my name is Will Barron, founder and chief salesperson at

(Yes, I still actually sell on a daily basis — I sell ad space for our podcast.)

Today I wanted to quickly tell you about the free SalesCode quiz, and what it can mean for your career.
I think we can all agree: outdated selling methods from out-of-touch gurus who haven’t sold anything in years are virtually worthless.

And every modern-day salesperson — like you — could benefit from knowing what’s working today. Especially if those methods are backed by research and tens of thousands of selling hours.

That’s exactly what the SalesCode quiz is — the distilled wisdom of today’s best salespeople and the combined results of up-and-comers. It’s all about what’s getting results, today. Period.

Here is what you'll learn from your SalesCode:


Learn your strengths

Understand what you're already great at. Lean into your natural advantages.


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Uncover the 10% of things that are giving you 90% of your issues.


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Learn the sales jobs and industries that suit your SalesCode.

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